Powder coating and electrocoating technologies provide excellent performance and durability qualities. However, when working with non-metallic substrates such as plastics, many times the appropriate technology is liquid painting.
Since we take your projects all the way from prep to shipping, we make sure that all the steps are completed to the highest level specifications. We preform all testing & verification to the prescribed specification to meet your requirnements.
We offer Specification Painting, Plating & Powder Coating, Aluminum Dip Brazing, Precision Part Marking, Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Custom Kitting, Packaging and Graphics, from one piece to high production.
We provide our services and technical skills to a wide variety of industries. Whether your are working on the next moon shot or next moon pie, we will be there to support your finishing and coatings needs.

Advanced Metal Coatings

At Advanced Metal Coatings, LLC, we are not just another Finishing House amongst a vast sea of Coaters. We realize you have a choice in who you select to Finish your product. Whether your product is a critical space component, military hardware, aviation part or a new proto-type sample, we recognize and understand the effort and cost you have incurred to produce it. Mil-Specification or Commercial Standards, we understand what it takes to fully comply with your requirements and what you expect from us in return. We understand what it means for Customer Satisfaction and that your continued growth and success is our continued growth and success.

When you select Advanced Metal Coatings as your Finisher, we become an extension of partnership within your goals and mission. We are an organization of highly skilled professionals with many years of combined industry experience that is dedicated and able to meet your requirements.

We know how to Finish your product right the first time! Our goal is to provide our customers with a World Class Finish of exacting detail that is built on Quality, Integrity, Reliability, Consistency, Performance and Customer Service that is performed in a time and cost- valued manner.

We bring the Science of Technology and the Art of Craftsmanship into every project, both large and small.
Allow us the opportunity to earn your trust and respect as your valued source for painting and powder coating.

Whether your project is an established specification or a new design, we will be here for you to handle it with our unwavering attention to detail and customer service.

    Advanced Metal Coatings
“ Where Science Meets the Art “

Our Customers's Say...

This is one of the most professional companies we have ever worked with. Use Advanced Metal Coatings and enjoy peace of mind with your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES we do. RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substances is sometimes a requirement imposed on electronic and electrical components shipped to the EU. Unless exempted, the restrictions imposed the latest requirement, 2011/65/EU RoHS 2 require a maximum of < 1000 ppm each of Lead (PB), Mercury (HG), Cadmium (CD), Hexavalent Chrome (Cr VI), Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB), Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE). The 2017 RoHS 3 requirements added four additional substances must be in compliance by July 2019. They are Bis (2-ethyhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP) , Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP). We can provide you with a compliant coating system and certify it along with all the accompanying documentation from the coating manufacturer to support the compliance.

Yes, we can. In recent years, the DOD, Department of Defense has also recognized the efficiency and durability of powder coatings for numerous military hardware and equipment applications. As in every mil-specification product or application, there was a need to develop a specification to control it. The U.S. Government, Department of Defense issued Mil-PRF-24712B in February 11, 2014 for the performance of thermosetting powder coating materials and Mil-PRF-32348, issued November 23rd 2010 for Camouflage Chemical Agent Resistant Systems . Powder coat materials that meet these requirements are available for use from several suppliers and are listed on the Qualified Products List, (OPL) for each specific coating. Other products not listed may be authorized by various prime contractors who have previously performed testing and approved specific materials bt supplier part number.

YES, we apply CARC coatings, ( Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings ), on a routine basis in both wet spray coatings in polyurethane and epoxies and also in dry, powder coatings applications.
CARC coatings are designed for corrosion resistance as well as penetration of chemical and biological warfare agents. These coatings are also more resistant to decontaminating chemicals to clean and remove these agents. Ask us for list of available materials and color options to meet your design and application.

No, we do not require a minimum in quantity, as we are equipped to handle one off proto-types to full quantity production runs. We do have a minimum lot charge for most processes we perform so please inquire or submit a request for quotation so that you will know exactly what to expect for the cost to produce your project. We will respond in a very timely manner to answer your requests. Most people receive a response from us in 24 hrs. or less and in most cases, much less.

At Advanced Metal Coatings, we operate two shifts per day, Monday through Friday and operate from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm. These extended operating hours allow us to provide quick response and shorter than expected lead times on most projects we provide. Typically, our lead time is usually from one to two weeks and in many cases only a few days. We try to process product on a first in/ first out basis but we also offer expedited services upon request for emergency or high priority projects. When you ask your AMC representative for a lead time, we will do whatever is possible to accommodate your tight schedules. We realize that in most cases, we are the last one to handle your product before it’s sold so we know what it means to get it done in a hurry and get it done right !

Due to the nature of our business, Advanced Metal Coatings is categorized as a Small Quantity Generator, ( SQG ) of hazardous waste by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation, ( FDEP ). We pride ourselves in managing a compliant environmental program as well as maintaining a closed-looped water recycling system. We maintain a compliant Emergency Procedures and Contingency Plan to assure you, our valued customer the piece of mind and risk reduction of working with a conscientious and compliant entity. We use only qualified ,licensed and fully insured hazardous waste contractors to handle and dispose of all our waste products, including non-hazardous materials. To help us offset these costs, we usually do charge a 5% fee to cover some of these overhead costs. For large orders or high production items, these fees are less and will appear in you RFP or quote to you from us. We are also proud of our facility wide, “ Green Initiative “ program that includes doing our part for the benefit of our environment and the world we share together. Please see the attached link to view our program and what we do to participate in a healthier and safer planet.

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