Advanced Metal Coatings , LLC is housed within the 22,500 square foot facility of our sister facility, Advanced Microwave Components Inc. The facility was designed and built to our specifications to equip ourselves with a state of art finishing facility. Our facility is climate controlled for temperature and humidity so that the actual environmental elements that could affect certain coating materials are never a factor or compromise to your products.

The painting area is equipped with an air make-up system with capacity that is greater than the negative exhaust flow from our wet spray booths. We are equipped with three dry paint booths and one water wash paint booth for wet paint applications and one self-cleaning powder paint booth that allows for quick and numerous color change options. We are equipped with four ambient air baking ovens for cure out, forced air curing and drying options. At a sizeable investment, our plating and pretreatment coating areas are also temperature and humidity controlled for process control and comfort of staff.

All of our waste generated on site is managed to full compliance. Our water treatment facility is closed loop. It is designed for conservation and recycling capabilities to assure your confidence and reduced liability. We remain proud of our safety record and environmental compliance status with Local, State and Federal Regulations for safety, health, air and water requirements.

We have developed an extensive facility wide contingency plan so that we may maintain our facility to optimum operating conditions. This assures our customers the dependability and reliability they can count on from us !

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