Screen Printing and Part Marking

In addition to applying powder and liquid coatings, Advanced Metal Coatings can also silkscreen graphics and text onto metal, plastic and painted parts. You can supply the actual silk screen, or we can fabricate the silkscreen from your camera-ready artwork. If you would like us to supply the artwork, just e-mail us your drawings, or send us your blueprint on a computer disc.

Epoxy and baked enamel inks give durable, resistant screen printing on your enclosures and front panels. Vinyl and other inks can be special ordered upon request. If desired, multiple colors can also be printed. Information traditionally applied to the product by label can often be economically silk-screened for a more professional appearance.

Standards and Specifications

Ink Specifications:


Ink Types:

Conductive Inks
Nonconductive Inks
FDA Approved Inks
Medical and Food Grade Inks

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