Aluminum Dip Brazing

Aluminum Dip Brazing is the process of simultaneously joining multiple joints of varying material thickness with a third, molten filler material alloy through capillary action, in a rapid and cost-efficient manner. With our State -Of -The- Art facility, we can provide aluminum brazed assemblies that meet the requirements of AWS C3.7m/C3.7:2011.

With a careful emphasis on our environment, we have designed our Aluminum Dip Brazing Facility that not only meets, but exceeds all State and Federal Air Quality and Water discharge regulations and requirements. The resultant brazed joint, regardless of the number of joints or the thickness of materials, will be of a substantial and durable metallurgical bond, exhibiting high strength, uniformity, leak- tightness and EMI/RFI shielded properties. The strength of the brazed joint is equal to or stronger than the base metal it is joined to. The finished brazed joint will have the appearance that is smooth and continuous. The finished braze joint will exhibit high thermal and electrical conductivity. Depending on the specific aluminum alloys selected, including some aluminum casting alloys, the aluminum dip brazed assembly may then be age hardened and heat treated to a T-6 Condition, meeting the requirements of AWS-2772D / AWS2770H.

Costs are greatly reduced by minimal fixturing and expediency of processing. Parts maybe designed as self- fixturing or maybe designed for staking tab, toy tab, tack or spot weld, providing for little or no set up cost. The cleaned and assembled product is first pre-heated in an ambient air oven, then removed and carefully lowered into a molten salt bath at temperatures near 1100 degrees F. Careful handling combined with uniform temperatures assist to minimize distortion which may be present with some other welded assemblies and configurations.

The completed aluminum dip brazed assembly is then chemically cleaned to remove residual brazing salts for increased corrosion resistance. The assembly is then examined, inspected and tested for leakage and salt (chloride) entrapment via a silver nitrite test. Third party qualification testing has been performed by a NIST Approved Testing Laboratory to ensure the integrity of the process and the brazed joints we proudly provide.

Just some of advantages of Aluminum Dip Brazing is as follows:

  • Economy: Proto-Type to high volume production
  • Versatility: Varying alloys to design freedom of configuration
  • Structural Strength: The joint is equal or greater the base metal strength
  • Minimal Distortion: Through uniform heat and cooling
  • Corrosion Resistance: Smooth, continuous and void free
  • Conductivity: Both Thermal & Electrical over conventional assembly
  • Less Fatigue & Stress: Evenly distributed heat, annealing & age-tempering
  • Shorter Lead Times: Faster assembly means less production delays.

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